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Digby Van Winkle Is One Cool Dog With His Own Merch

Three names might seem like a lot for one dog, but this little Brussels Griffon wears it -- and hip outfits -- very well.

 |  Sep 4th 2012  |   3 Contributions

This is Digby Van Winkle. Sure, a three-name moniker might seem like a bit much for a little Brussels Griffon, but Digby wears it well. He also wears an assortment of fashionable frocks with utter attitude and style. Digby makes looking cool look totally effortless. (It helps that he's a dog -- dogs always look cool.)

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Digby lists bacon, stealing shoes, and playing with oversized balls as his favorite activities. (Yes, bacon is an activity -- especially if you are a dog.)

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Tough guy.

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Hipster dog.

But Digby's site isn't all about him. He answers questions from pets around the world and features a user-submitted Pet of the Week. There are also regular contests where dog lovers can win cool wag swag.

One of Digby's human friends, Michele, is an illustrator, and as such has created portraits of her favorite muse -- Digby, of course. (Digby's owner, Dani, doesn't mind a bit.) You can get a sticker pack of Digby illustrations so that you can have your own fashionable little dog wherever you go. Digby is probably one of the few dogs we know with his own T-shirt. And why not? His name is Digby Van Winkle, after all.

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We can put Digby EVERYWHERE!

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Wear your Digby pride over your heart!

Images via Digby Van Winkle's Facebook, Diesel & Juice, and Abandon Ship Apparel


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