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This Dachshund Puppy VS. Crab Video Makes Us Long for the Beach

Feeling crabby? This crab certainly is -- he's being hounded by a curious Dachshund!

 |  Jul 31st 2012  |   1 Contribution

Oh my, what to do when your potential dinner just doesn't want to be eaten? Madeline the Dachshund was all ready for her fancy beachside crab dinner when dinner decided it had other plans ... plans that definitely did not include Madeline!

What's an adorable Dachshund to do?

Continue being adorable, that's what!

We're not sure what exactly makes this video so charming, but trust us, you'll find yourself in a better mood once it's over. You might even want to watch it again for a second time (or a third time or a fourth time!). Is it the way Madeline wags her tail and yaps playfully? Or the way the crab has got her waddling sideways to evade its claws? Is it the pleasant sound of the ocean in the background?

Like we said, we're not sure what it is, but we're loving Madeline and her crabby opponent.

Yes, we really did just spend more than three minutes watching a puppy bark at a crab, and no, we're not ashamed.

What a happy way to float into the rest of the week ... hope it's a good one, Dogsters! And remember, when you're feeling crabby, just come to us for a little puppy love. Arf arf!


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