Who Has the Cutest Dog Butt? We Want Your Photos!

We love dog butts -- and we want to see YOUR dog's butt! Post a photo at the end of this post.

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 6th 2013

Over at Catster, we had a dilemma: A striking dearth of stock photography depicting or suggesting litter box use. You wouldn’t be surprised how much we talk about cat poop over there, and we were sure our readers were growing bored with the same images over and over again. So we put out a call for cat butt photos.

The response was incredible. We were flooded with photos of cat butts and had some enthusiastic conversations.

It was great, but you know who really loves butts, right? Dogs. Bless the kind canine and his affinity for rear ends. There’s nothing like getting a wet nose shoved in your crotch. It’s just his way of introducing himself to you, and we wouldn’t dare insult canine culture customs.

Rumor has it that Corgis possess the cutest posteriors, but after a quick search, we’re not sure.

There’s also the Basset Hound butt.

Or the shaggy Aussie butt.

Or this adorable Doxie butt.

Or the Shiba Inu butt.

Or the muscular rear end of Greyhound, which puts our human butts to shame.

However, if you ask this Pug about cute dog butts, he’s clearly not too sure.

Who has the cutest dog butt? Maybe your dog does! Post a photo of your dog’s butt in the slideshow below by clicking on the “Select Photos” button. May the best derriere win!