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Is There Anything Cuter Than a Sleepy Puppy? Yes! 5 of Them!

It's exhausting being this cute, but the puppies in these videos do it -- even as they fall asleep.

 |  Jan 15th 2014  |   0 Contributions

It's exhausting being a puppy. There's all that playing, and eating, and pooping, and being totally adorable. It's really tiring being so cute. And what's cuter than a cute puppy? A cute puppy so exhausted from being adorable that she falls asleep sitting upright!

Can you watch these videos of sleepy puppies dozing off without squee-ing out loud? Or without falling asleep yourself?

No wonder dogs are so popular -- they hypnotize us with their cuteness! Don't believe me? Just check out these videos.

I don't know about you, but I always fall asleep in cars, too -- exactly like this little French Bulldog puppy. It's just so soothing and the sound of the engine lulls me into a peaceful slumber ... yawn ...

Wait! No! I'm still awake!

So not only is my bed outfitted with a down comforter, I have microfleece sheets and a fleece blanket -- because I'm a sucker for softness. I can't resist a nice, soft, warm blanket ... just like the blanket in this video of the Labrador puppy.

No! Wait! What did I miss?

Of course, the only thing that is better than fleece sheets? That would be some soft, warm pajamas. I'm a little envious of Cooper the Golden Retriever's jammies -- they look so cozy ... and ... what if I just rest my eyes ...

I'm awake, I'm awake! No, I'm not ready for bed yet.

Know what's nice before bed? A nice, warm, relaxing bath. If only I were small enough to fit in a water dish, I'd be soaking in bubble baths all the time. This pup's got the right idea! I can imagine the warm water, like I'm floating in the dark comfort of the womb once again ... so safe, so peaceful ...

I'm up!

But okay, know what my favorite way to fall asleep is? On the couch with my head in the lap of a lover, watching a stupid television show together ... not too unlike this Shiba Inu. Stretch ... yawn ... goodnight!

Top photo by Alan

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