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Why Does Bilbo the Pug Always Look So Worried?

These pictures prove it: No cute props can erase the concerned look from the face of this Pug.

 |  May 7th 2014  |   1 Contribution

Why do Pugs always look a little worried?

Is it because they're on the smaller side and therefore everything in the world seems like a giant threat?

Is it because they're afraid that if they laugh too hard they'll snort in public?

Is it because their tails are curly?

We might never solve this mystery.

Either way, this is Bilbo. He's a Pug on a journey to there and back again ... and looking terribly worried throughout the whole adventure. Let's see what's causing Bilbo such anxiety:

1. Ambushing cardboard

It's a package from Hell!

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2. The pacifier of doom

There is nothing pacifying about it.

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3. The bath of despair

You can wash but inside you're still dirty.

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4. A mad hat

That makes the wearer madder!

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5. The cursed hair bow

Not cute.

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6. Boxer butt

And the foul odors that may escape it.

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All photos via Bilbo's Tumblr 

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