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What's Cuter Than One Corgi? Two Corgis!

Walter and Lizzie are two adorable Corgis whose Tumblr adventures will have you awww-ing in stereo.

 |  Oct 8th 2012  |   0 Contributions

I must be part dog -- one of my favorite sounds is that of my own name. I was just scouting the Internet on my usual cuteness mission when a scroll through Tumblr (I follow three Corgi Tumblrs) pointed me nose to snout with two adorable Corgis, one of whom I share my name with.

Walter and Lizzie are two Corgis with their very own Tumblr. Walter is the older Corgi, and Lizzie (short for Elizabeth -- just like me!) is the latest addition to the family.

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Lizzie is tiny and cute just like me!

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Big brother Walter is ready for a walk.

Follow their Tumblr for a regular injection of cuteness (after all, science has shown that looking at cute things actually makes you smarter).

Cuteness such as trying to drive a car. Good thing Walter's human stepped in to take over the wheel -- but ssshhh, no one tell Walter that he's not tall enough to reach the pedals (kind of an immediate driver's license disqualifier ... along with, well, not being human).

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Beep beep!

Sleeping with a stuffed monkey on her back.

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Or just sleeping.

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Eating a watermelon.

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Sleeping in a shopping cart after an exhausting day of picking out toys and treats at Petsmart.

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Being a puppy princess is such hard work.

Or, you know, just being a Corgi.

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Would you like to be a Corgi in your next life?

Photos via Walter & Lizzie 


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