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Enter the Corgasbord: Corgis All Day, Every Day, Via Tumblr

Yes, it's a Corgasbord of cuteness. And yes, we've been glued to it for 45 minutes.

 |  Aug 29th 2012  |   0 Contributions

No, we can't get enough Corgi in our lives. Those giant ears, those bright alert eyes, those short little legs, and that wiggly rump ... we think all dogs are cute, but the Corgi has captured the collective imagination of the Internet like few other breeds. The royal Corgis even made an appearance at the Summer 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies, effortlessly stealing the show by simply rolling over on the palace carpet. When ambushed by an onslaught of Corgi puppies, there's little else to do but surrender to the cuteness.

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Everyone out of the water -- here comes the Great White Corgi! Photo by p2squared.

Which is why we happily surrender ourselves to Corgasbord, a Tumblr of nothing but Corgis. Corgis at the beach, Corgis wearing bow ties, Corgis giving high-fives, Corgis toting soccer balls bigger than they are, and Corgi puppies who haven't quite grown into their oversized ears.

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In all manifestations, Corgis are cute. Can you tell the toy Corgis from the real Corgis? Photo by luckyno3.

We've curated some photos to make you smile. But go ahead, bookmark the Tumblr -- which, to our joy, is updated daily -- and whenever you need a boost of cuteness to get you through the day, just take a quick peek to refresh your happiness quotient. We dare you to take a look at these Corgis and not feel good.

Impossible, right?

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Hipster Corgi was into cute before it was cool. Photo by Alvin Trusty.

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We need one in every color! Photo by Mary Phoenix.

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Oh no -- we beg YOU to stop with the cuteness! Photo by Phoenix Rising.


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Corgi fields forever. Photo by luckyno3.

 Images via Corgasbord


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