Vacuuming the Corbs: Watch Corbin the Corgi's Preferred Method of Furminating

While most dogs we know are mortal enemies with vacuum cleaners, Corbin the Corgi doesn't seem to mind them!

 |  Apr 16th 2012  |   7 Contributions

Well, that's one way to deal with shedding fur! Especially as summer approaches.

This is Corbin "Corbs" Dallas Multipass, a much-beloved and very well-groomed Corgi. He's also a very brave Corgi since most dogs we know flee in terror at the sight of a vacuum cleaner. Corbin and his human friend must really trust each other, as he gets a quick vacuum every time he enters the house. We'd personally opt for a comb to deal with shedding fur, but this seems to work for these two!

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You can find more photos and videos of Corbin at his very own Tumblr page.


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