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Art We Heart: Andy the Dog and the Dreaded Cone of Shame

In which our online-comic canine hero must endure 10 days in the restrictive device.

 |  Jun 21st 2012  |   7 Contributions

It was about a year ago when Andy the dog was sentenced to the Cone of Shame for 10 days. As Andy points out, that's like, 60 days in dog years. Of course the cone is not actually a tool of torture and punishment, just a necessary evil to prevent dogs from scratching at stitches or injuries while they heal. There are alternatives to the Cone of Shame, but they're all ultimately unpleasant because their purpose is all the same: to restrict movement. Oh the agony!

In this series of cartoons by Christian Haas, we follow Andy through agony, anger, revenge, and despair ... although it's hard to take the little dog's glare seriously when he's just so goshdarn adorable.

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And that's like, FOREVER.

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Or maybe it gives the illusion that he's bigger?

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Dogs will be dogs.

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Can't think of a caption, too busy giggling.

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Poor Andy!

About a year ago, this Cuteness Correspondent was dog-sitting three lovely ladies in the Santa Monica Mountains: Dottie, Roxie, and Kira. Dottie -- a Dalmatian -- was probably the biggest trouble-maker. She was full of energy and spunk. Dottie was the only dog to get bit by a rattlesnake (and live to tell the tale), and she had to wear the Cone of Shame not once, but twice after getting herself into various mischief. She was a trooper, though, and rocked that cone with a smile on her face. I called her the Satellite Dog recalling Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love."

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Kira, Roxie, and oh, poor Dottie!

When was the last time your dog had to wear a Cone of Shame? What was it for? How long did it last? Share your photos below!

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