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The Cuteness Keeps on Coming: Cheesecake the Capybara Fosters MORE Puppies

Who knew capybaras were great foster moms? Photos from the Rocky Ridge Refuge prove it.

 |  Apr 10th 2013  |   6 Contributions

Critters tend to look after one another. It's a little unusual but not surprising to hear, for example, about a dog who nursed a litter of orphaned kittens, or a mama cat who took on a puppy as her own offspring. The interspecies love lately has involved puppies and a giant rodent known as a capybara at the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, and today we have another example.

In February, a very pregnant Anatolian Shepherd found her way to the Rocky Ridge Refuge thanks to the help of devoted volunteer transporters.

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A very pregnant Koa before she arrived at Rocky Ridge.

The shepherd dog, named Koa after a Hawaiian tree, had been in a dire situation. Left tethered outside, Koa had never seen a vet -- not even to get spayed -- and, as a result, she'd had two litters of puppies, one of which died because of parasites. With Koa dirty and subsisting only on scraps and cheap kibble, her third litter might have suffered the same fate.

That changed when Koa was rescued and groomed by a generous soul, and then lovingly transported to Rocky Ridge Refuge. In February she had her nine puppies, one of whom died shortly after birth, unfortunately.

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Koa with her newborn puppies -- unfortunately one of them did not make it.

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The puppies with their eyes still closed.

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Six-weeks-old and posing for Easter photos -- "Aw mom, do I have to?"

The puppies, who are destined to be big dogs, are named after different kinds of trees. And here they are at six weeks old, hanging out with their Aunt Cheesecake the capybara. Darling Cheesecake must have a strong maternal instinct because she always looks happy to be surrounded by puppies.

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When mama Koa needs a break, Aunt Cheesecake watches over the pups.

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OK, this is too much.

It makes us happy to know that Koa and her puppies -- nicknamed the "Tree Puppies" -- are in a safe, loving environment.

The puppies are available for adoption through Rocky Ridge Refuge. Check out the website for more information, as well as how you can make a donation so Janice can keep up her amazing work.

Photos via the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page

Can't get enough Cheesecake? Here she is with another litter of puppies and here is video evidence of her fostering powers. And check out this story from a woman who fosters all sorts of critters as well.


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