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"Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend 2" Video: If Your Pets Were People, You'd NEVER Bring a Date Home

In Fat Awesome's sequel, cats and dogs are the same -- they both wreak havoc on romance!

 |  May 6th 2013  |   2 Contributions

Remember when we wrote about that video comparing what it would be like to have a roommate who's like a dog and a roommate who's like a cat? Fat Awesome, the production company behind the video, has released a follow up short documenting what it would be like to bring a date home to dog- and cat-like roommates. It's called Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend 2.

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This is Dog-Friend.

Nailing the "dog experience" with the kind of accuracy only a true dog lover would know, the video opens with an enthusiastic greeting from the Dog-Friend, which, yes, includes leg-humping. Is it just us or is Dog-Friend giving off a distinctly Golden Retriever vibe? While Dog-Friend wants to be everyone's best friend, Cat-Friend is busy hiding behind the blinds. That sounds about right.

When the main character -- Tim -- needs to drive to the bank, Dog Friend is all about it and can barely control his excitement to get in the car. (Dog-Friend, in fact, beats Tim to the steering wheel.)

But what really makes this video work is its acknowledgment of how similar cats and dogs really are. For instance, common enemies include the vacuum cleaner, which sends Dog Friend as well as Cat-Friend to hide in the closet. And whatever you do, don't forget to close the door behind you -- for some reason, despite the fact that our animal friends would have to fend for themselves on their own, they can't resist bolting from an open door.

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Oh the horrid Vacuum Beast!

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The only time the two get along.

What do you think? Do the humans get it right?

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