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How Much Do We Love These Baby Pugs?

These baby pugs are so cute they make me crazy.

 |  Dec 17th 2013  |   13 Contributions

The hardest-hearted misanthrope cannot help but melt at the sight of a baby Pug. What is it, exactly, about puppy pictures which draws the inevitable “awwww” from the mouth or the involuntary shriek of glee from the depths of the human breast? I have been locked away in a secret location for the last several months pondering these questions, and I have emerged from my hermitage with a cache of baby Pug pictures that will drive you wild with excitement. I dare you -– no! –- I double-dog dare you -– no again! -– I double-Pug-dare you to gaze over these tiny, adorable, squishy little baby Pugs, and not experience the infant joy.

Release the baby Pugs!

This Pug puppy is curious about the world outside his door. While his much larger friend vigilantly guards the house, this baby Pug has found a little tear in the screen door. Poking his tiny head through the screen, he gazes wistfully on the big world waiting just beyond, just out of reach!

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This black pug puppy yearns to be free. Posted by pugdomination on Tumblr.

When this photo was taken by websterpup on Instagram, this handsome little Pug was only one week old. The closed eyes! The pink nose! Wait! Is that a little bit of drool I see coming out of its mouth? It’s almost too much to bear. I wouldn’t scroll any further if I were you.

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To paraphrase William Blake's poem, "Infant Joy," "Pretty joy! Sweet joy but one week old!" Photo by websterpup on Instagram.

Baby Pugs accessorize!

Baby Pugs are brilliant in their own right, but when they accessorize, excitement reaches fever pitch. This Pug puppy’s favorite toy is a pacifier, which it chews on to entertain itself. Stare into those huge, innocent eyes! Note the wagging tail! It’s okay to call out to your coworkers at this point, or to wake up your entire family if you see this in the middle of the night.

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A baby pug with a pacifier. Are you not entertained? Posted by just-another-lost-traveler on Tumblr.

Bow ties are cool! So says this Pug puppy, and so say we all! This baby Pug is ready for adventure and dressed to impress. There is so much to see and explore, and oh, so many things to sniff! Judging by the look in his eyes, this cute baby Pug is inviting you along. All of space and all of time await, where do you want to start? Will you join him? Better yet, will you give him a treat?

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I’m a doctor; but probably not the one you were expecting! Like a sir, posted by carlithepug on Tumblr.

Speaking of treats, it’s been a full meal for this baby Pug, and he’s looking for more. He’s clambered into the dish itself to make sure not one morsel goes to waste. He’s lolled his tongue about to find a stray crumb on his face. Don’t you feel overcome by the need to pick him up and give him a tiny hug?

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I want the finest dog food available to humanity! Photo by Puggables.

You might need a paper bag if you’re hyperventilating. Don’t forget to breathe. These Pug pictures are enough to drive anyone into hysterics. I count myself among your number. At the sight of this black Pug puppy, I leapt from my desk and ran around the house screaming with delight.

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Do I have your attention? Posted by girlsgotafacelikemurder on Tumblr.

These baby Pugs have doubtless provided your respiratory system with a workout. Pug puppies will do that. Flowers! Yes, some nice soothing flowers to allow you to calm down. Mark the pleasing head tilt on this baby Pug! The glint in its eyes! I feel more relaxed already.

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This pug puppy exudes an air of calm and peace. Pug puppy and spring flowers by Shutterstock.

One more. Take a deep breath.

Brace yourself, because there is still one more baby Pug I have to share with you. I’ve tried to build up to this slowly, but the baby Pugs you’ve seen to this point are but prelude to this moment. No matter how well disciplined you are, and no matter how well you’ve trained yourself, you simply cannot be prepared for this baby teacup Pug.

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I am a baby teacup pug, and you must love me. Posted by lualie on Tumblr, originally from Boutique Teacup Puppies.

So, how much DO you love these baby Pugs?

Are you still with me? The good news is, if you’re reading this, you haven’t passed out, fallen out of bed, or been kicked out of a public place for making too much noise. Which of these baby Pugs is your favorite? Is it possible to pick just one? Do you need more Pug puppy pictures? Demand more, or share the sites where you get your baby Pug fix in the comments!


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