Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Young pups these days! They’ve got so much attitude — especially those teenage dogs. Barking back, refusing to sit on command, and jumping up on you when you get home. Thank goodness it’s just a phase.

This feisty little Bulldog pup will grow up to be a great guard dog once she’s done being a rebellious youth. She’s not scared of anything — and especially not another Bulldog who is probably five times her size. She’s sure got a lot of gumption!

In fact, she stands her ground so well that she manages to scare off the bigger dog — it’s like her attitude is inversely proportional to her size. (Or maybe the bigger dog is just playing along?) Either way, it’s totally adorable to watch the little puppy bark and bark, with the bigger dog slowly scooting forward, and then scampering off. We bet it was probably an awesome game of chase throughout the house!

We love how older dogs are not afraid to act like silly kids around puppies. We here at Dogster are definitely young at heart — and we have our dogs to thank for always showing us the fun, youthful side of life. It makes things so much easier to deal with.

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