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Like Corgis? Then You'll Love Artist Jessica S. Hunter

Jessica S. Hunter is an illustration and business student who gets an A+ from us for her drawings of Corgis.

 |  Oct 5th 2012  |   1 Contribution

Artist Jessica S. Hunter dreams of one day training and employing an army of dogs to assist in her illustrations so she can mass produce cuteness and take over the world. While she doesn't have an amazing dog assistant yet, she's pretty darn good at doodling dogs herself.

Jessica draws many things, but our favorite subject of hers is her series of Corgi illustrations. With a smirking sense of humor and a delicate yet colorful style, Jessica captures the cuteness, petiteness, and keen mischief of the stumpy dog breed that has single-pawedly conquered the Internet.

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Paw over the warm clean laundry and no-doggie gets hurt!

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Don't ya hate it when a Corgi steals your bended knee marriage proposal thunder?

Jessica is still in school, where she is primarily an art and illustration student. But she's also pursuing her minor in business -- and we can tell she's already learned a lot ,because she clearly knows that there's a healthy market for all things Corgi and her Etsy shop is stocked to happily meet the demand. Her Corgi posters are priced to make a perfect gift to yourself or your stylishly quirky friend.

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We can't decide which is the cutest.

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Corgi in a sidecar!

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Gimme that treat!

Illustration plus Corgis ... sounds like a solid business model to us. Give this lady an A+ and a startup loan already. How can she not be successful? Her work has already been featured on a couple of Corgi Tumblrs, and we couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Images via Jessica's Facebook page  


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