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Anderson Cooper, Today We Love You Even More

You featured us on your show before, and now you pose for photos with Boo the Pomeranian.

 |  Oct 16th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Hey, remember that time Anderson Cooper featured Dogster on his show with our Dogs of Downton Abbey?

He likes us -- he really, really likes us! Which is why we really, really like the Silver Fox.

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Our rendition of Cooper ...

And now we have another reason to love Anderson Cooper: the TV host posed with Internet celebrity dog, Boo, and the cuteness might be too much.

Boo is currently in New York. Guess who else is in New York? Anderson Cooper. So Boo called up Cooper for a little visit. Because Boo is the most famous dog ever in the whole entire universe, Cooper simply could not decline. I mean, would you decline a visit from, like, the Queen of England? No, you wouldn't. Which is why Cooper was all like, "Yes of course, Boo! Let me roll out the red carpet immediately!" (Cooper keeps a red carpet rolled up in his closet just for Boo -- true story.)

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Boo travels in style with Virgin.

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A little dog in the Big Apple.

So here's Boo and Anderson Cooper, and it's almost unbearably adorable. Apparently Boo, concerned with important matters, asked Cooper his thoughts on the debt ceiling, while Cooper asked Boo for hair tips. Naturally.

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According to Boo, they all left the visit a little more enlightened than before.

Photos via Boo's Facebook page, h/t to Dlisted

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