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The 5 Best Dog Tumblrs

We celebrate our new Tumblr with a list of our favorite ones for dog photos. Check them out!

 |  Sep 11th 2013  |   3 Contributions

It's no secret I love Tumblr, so when I got to Dogster I was like, "Hey folks, we've got a Facebook, a Twitter, a Pinterest, and an Instagram ... but where's the Tumblr?"

They stared at me with blank faces, and I was all, "THERE'S NO TUMBLR?"

Some time passed. I made further inquiries into the state of a Dogster Tumblr and got no response. I languished over the wealth of .gifs I couldn't use. I felt like the Internet was moving forward and I was being left behind.

So then I decided to take matters into my own paws.

Which means that now you can find our Tumblr right here -- go on, click it. Follow it. Amazing, right?

To celebrate our brand-spanking-new Tumblr, I decided to compile a list of five other Tumblrs that are about dogs and almost as cool as ours.

1. The Fluffington Post

The brainchild of Mashable's Matt Silverman and Josh Catone, The Fluffington Post started as a little side project that became a big deal. Coupling cute photos with tongue-in-cheek headlines, the FluffPo has its finger on the pulse … of cuteness.

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Via Fluffington Post

2. Text From Dog

Text from Dog served as the inspiration for our Catster series Texts From Mittens. The sometimes wildly irreverent conversations between a dog and his human friend are so entertaining that they've spawned a book deal.

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Image via Text from Dog

3. Dog Shaming

You know you should not have left your favorite pair of leather shoes out where Fluffy could tear them to shreds, but it's still disappointing to come home to the remains. The best way to alleviate those feelings? Laugh it off with dog shaming -- since these dogs really have no conception of what they've done wrong.

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Photo via Dog Shaming

4. Menswear Dog

The ever-stylish Menswear Dog takes the dignity and style of the Shiba Inu and elevates it to a new level, because there's nothing like man's best friend to tell you what you look good in.

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Photo by Menswear Dog

5. Doglr

Because you need more of this in your life:

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Image via Doglr

Enjoy! And come and see us over on Tumblr!

What are some of your favorite dog Tumblrs? Let me know in the comments!

Photo via Flickr

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