10 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work

 |  Jun 24th 2011  |   0 Contributions

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, a day when savvy companies allow employees to bring their best furry pals to the office. Most people bring their dogs because its fun, and because they like not having to leave their dogs behind when heading to the salt mines. But this special day has been taking place in the US every year since 1999, and those reasons are pretty obvious by now. So we at the Dogster dog blog have come up with our own unique list of 10 reasons to take your dog to work today.


10. Your dog just gets too distracted working at home, and never meets deadlines


9. Your cat will be very, very grateful


8. Its Potluck Friday, and someone has to eat Ednas tuna casserole


7. You need to see at least one smiling face today


6. Your dog's mere presence will keep The Annoying Guy Who Doesnt Much Like Dogs away from your desk


5. Your dogs frequent leg-lift breaks = Your end-of-week sanity


4. He needs to see just how hard you work to make the money to pay for his kibble


3. Hes the perfect excuse for getting out of the same old Friday Happy Hour


2. Hes the perfect magnet for meeting someone great at Friday Happy Hour, if your coworkers find a Happy Hour that allows dogs


1. The biggest reason for bringing your dog to work today: Because your dog is way more awesome than anyone elses dog at your office, paws down


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