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10 Dogs Who Are REALLY Happy to See You

Most dogs are happy to see you, but these dogs are really, REALLY happy to see you.

 |  Mar 25th 2013  |   6 Contributions

Know what's cool about dogs? They are always happy to see you! 

Not like teenagers or coworkers or significant others. I remember when my parents would come home from work and I'd be all like, "Oh," and not even look away from the computer. I won't even begin to tell you about these people I have to work with here at Dogster. (Just kidding! I love seeing these people -- this is Dogster!) This one time a boyfriend I was living with wouldn't even look me in the eye after some weird fight we had (we were young and no, we're no longer together).

But while I was dog-sitting in Malibu almost two years ago, I got to come home to not one, but three wagging tails and panting tongues. It made me feel like I was The Most Awesome Person in the World. So are you, which is why these 10 dogs are so ecstatic to see you.

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Photo by digital_image_fan

"Hey! I was totally rolling around in the snow, but then I smelled you coming, and I was like, 'Oh, see you later, snow, you ain't got nothing on my human friend!'"

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Photo by The World According To Marty

"I've got the two things I love most right here: Sunshine and you. Make that one thing because you are my sunshine!"

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Photo by Peter Mooney

"Man, running around the yard at full tilt was awesome, but not as awesome as getting back inside and snuggling up with you!"

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Photo by smerikal

"I love you more than anything in the world -- even more than fresh cat poop!"

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Photo by tombothetominator

"I love you more than the treat you have in your hand right now (but don't think that I wouldn't mind the treat -- please give it to me!)."

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Photo by T1m0thy77

"I'm so happy to see you! I've even forgotten about this goofy sweater you put me in!"

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Photo by steve p2008

"Oh my dog, it's you! It's you! It's really really you! I ran to fetch the ball and then I forgot where you were and then I forgot where the ball was and then I got really worried but then I found you!"

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Photo by Vagabond Shutterbug

"My love for you is proportional to the size of my tongue. I love you because without you, this Frisbee couldn't go anywhere and man, do I love this Frisbee (not as much as I love you, of course -- but can you please throw it now?)."

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Photo by lostintheredwoods

"I am digging this hole for you! Aren't you proud of me?"

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Photo by dental ben

"My happiness for you is as big as a Great Dane!"

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