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10 New Year's Resolutions These Dogs Have Already Broken

Don't worry if you've already broken your New Year's resolutions -- you're in good company.

 |  Dec 25th 2013  |   22 Contributions

While you're busy sipping champagne (which is full of calories) this New Year's eve, you might be promising yourself that this year is gonna be the one when you finally drop those final pesky pounds. But you'll worry about that officially on January 1 -- until then the calories don't count as long as you're thinking of getting rid of them and how much it will cost to sign up for that gym membership.

And then there's that moment when you're all, "Fluff it. Maybe in 2015." And you have another glass of champagne.

Just like these dogs. Here are 10 New Year's resolutions that never had a chance: 

1. Kick that trash-eating habit

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Photo by OtterBox

"But why should these few scraps go to waste?"

2. Not bite off more than you can fit through the dog door

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Photo by Andrew Fresh

"But how else will I bury this in the yard?"

3. Not get photographed drunk-dancing naked in the yard

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Photo by carterse

"But it's so much fun!"

4. Kick that shoe-eating habit

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Photo by Lars Wichert

"But what good does only one slipper do you? Might as well eat the other one."

5. Ease up on the big sticks

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Photo by Marianne Perdomo

"But I'm not overcompensating for something -- I swear!"

6. Date within your league

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Photo by fPat Murray

"But size doesn't matter!"

7. Make the cat disappear

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Photo by Russell Bernice

"But cat poop is so delicious!"

8. Kick that poop-eating habit

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Photo by Martin Cathrae

See above.

9. Finally figure out "Where's the ball?"

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Photo by Clarissa Leon

"But I know I saw it somewhere around here."

10. Use sunscreen every day

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Photo by rpavich

"But it makes my skin break out!"

What resolutions have you already made? (And broken?)

Top photo: Happy glamour woman with champagne and small chihuahua dog by Shutterstock

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