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  • Dogs and Fear of Strangers

    Dogs and Fear of Strangers


    Nov 8, 2010 — Veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin is author of the book Low Stress Handling and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats, newly released as an e-book. In the book, Dr. Yin teaches dog (and cat) owners how to help reduce their...

  • Dignified, Confused

    Dignified, Confused

    Nov 8, 2010 — This husky has no idea what's going on. But you have his FULL ATTENTION. (via Tambako the Jaguar)...

  • Snail Dog

    Snail Dog

    Nov 8, 2010 — This is cute, but, I don't think I get it? Why dress a pom as a snail? Instead of being slow he's hyper? Instead of...

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