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  • Why Do Dogs Really Pull on the Leash?

    Why Do Dogs Really Pull on the Leash?

    Sep 1, 2010 — A common myth is that dogs pull on leash because they are trying to be "dominant" and "lead the pack." This myth perpetuates another myth,...

  • Wordless -- rather, Speechless -- Wednesday

    Wordless -- rather, Speechless -- Wednesday

    Sep 1, 2010 — I don't normally do Wordless Wednesdays. But words do not convey my surprise that people would want to dye their dogs to look like pandas....

  • Female Dog Names

    Female Dog Names


    Aug 31, 2010 — Naming your female dog might sound like a simple task, but the perfect girl dog name can be more elusive than you think. Should you flip through baby books for a more human moniker? Or let a physical attribute or quirky trait of your pet's decide her...

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