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  • Top Dogs Good with Children

    Top Dogs Good with Children


    Dec 2, 2009 — Adding a new human or canine family member to the home is a momentous decision that is sure to change your life significantly. Selecting the right dog for your family is vital to both the safety and happiness of your dog and children. What kind of...

  • Winter Paw Care Tips

    Winter Paw Care Tips


    Dec 2, 2009 — Winter can be a tough time for your dog's paw pads. Prevent winter weather-related paw pad injuries by following some basic dog paw care tips and the use of products designed for paw protection. How To Prevent Paw Pad Injuries One of the biggest...

  • Crate Training Dogs

    Crate Training Dogs


    Dec 2, 2009 — Sometimes life, both in and outside of the home, gets overwhelming. There are times when each of us wishes to find a place of solitude where we can relax away from the stresses of the world. In this respect, we are very much like dogs. Even the...

  • Traveling with Your Dog in the Car

    Traveling with Your Dog in the Car


    Dec 2, 2009 — Most dogs love traveling by car. Dogs are natural nomads; and they want to be with their humans all day long. The car is like a house on wheels for them. Learn how to travel with your dog by car and how to make it safe so that you and your dog will...

  • Six Summertime Hazards for Dogs

    Six Summertime Hazards for Dogs


    Dec 2, 2009 — Seasonal pet health hazards should be considered during the extreme temperatures of both winter and summer. Keeping pets safe during the summer is easiest if you know what the risks are and how to manage them for your dog's safety. The dog days of...

  • Trimming Dog Nails

    Trimming Dog Nails


    Dec 2, 2009 — Trimming a dog's nails can be dangerous for both dog and human if the dog is afraid. Dogs who fear nail trims can thrash around wildly, increasing the risk of cutting the quick if they are not effectively restrained. Cutting into the quick (the...

  • How to Stop Dog Barking

    How to Stop Dog Barking


    Dec 2, 2009 — Humans are tremendously vocal creatures. Despite our own talkative tendencies, we tend not to appreciate "excessive" vocalizations from our dogs. Rest assured, your dog does not feel her barking is excessive. When she barks, she is trying to...

  • The Steps and Costs for Adopting a Dog

    The Steps and Costs for Adopting a Dog


    Dec 2, 2009 — Though you may occasionally see a pet owner offering a dog "free to a good home," in general you can expect to pay an adoption fee when you adopt or rescue a dog. So, how much does it cost to adopt a dog? The fee can vary with the type of...

  • Poisonous Plants and Foods for Dogs

    Poisonous Plants and Foods for Dogs


    Dec 2, 2009 — The prospective dog owner plans ahead for their new dog. The seasoned dog owner knows that not everything can be planned for. But it is possible to plan ahead for a very serious and common emergency - poisonous hazards for dogs. There are many...

  • How Much Water Should a Dog Drink a Day?

    How Much Water Should a Dog Drink a Day?


    Dec 2, 2009 — Many dog owners leave out water for their dogs all the time with the thought that they'll drink as much, or as little, as they need. But how much water does a dog need? Monitoring your dog's water intake can improve their health, prevent illness...

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