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  • Mud Magnet

    Mud Magnet


    Aug 28, 2006 — This looks like a handy tool. Has anybody tried it? Bark in if you have! This article was published at Get stuck on cleaning...

  • Adam Sandler and Meatball

    Adam Sandler and Meatball


    Aug 28, 2006 — Thinking of making your furfriend a guest at your wedding? You won't be the first. Here's Adam Sandler at his 2003 wedding getting glitzy with...

  • Victoria Coffee Shop and Dog Store Forced to Stop Serving Humans

    Victoria Coffee Shop and Dog Store Forced to Stop Serving Humans


    Aug 28, 2006 — Thinking about opening a restaurant that serves humans and dogs? Check out this article from Peninsula News Review. CRD shih tzu'd dog coffee shop By...

  • Sedona Doggy Spa Experience

    Sedona Doggy Spa Experience


    Aug 27, 2006 — Planning on finding a place for your furbaby to stay in Sedona, Arizona? How about this lovely spot highlighted on Star-Telegram,.com? Putting up the dog...

  • My Dogs Have Fleas Writing Contest

    My Dogs Have Fleas Writing Contest


    Aug 27, 2006 — Okay all you Schipperke Shakespeares, Beagle Blakes and Dane Donnes, get ready for a new writing contest. My Dogs Have is sponsoring a creative...

  • Jilted Dogs Get Jealous

    Jilted Dogs Get Jealous


    Aug 27, 2006 — I guess canines can fall prey to that green-eyed monster -- jealousy. Here's an interesting article from the Discovery Channel. Thanks to Jeannette W. for...

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