August 2006. Page 13

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  • Dog Finds Gun in Seattle Day Care Yard

    Dog Finds Gun in Seattle Day Care Yard


    Aug 5, 2006 — Another police dog saves at least one more child in this story from KING 5 Seattle News. SEATTLE - Seattle K-9 Officer Ian Polhemus and...

  • More News From China

    More News From China


    Aug 4, 2006 — For those of us following the news about dogs in China, here's an update. According to a report from The Shanghaiist entitled "Stay the #%$!...

  • Senior Living Accepting Pets

    Senior Living Accepting Pets


    Aug 4, 2006 — Okay, maybe this isn't news but the interesting part of this article is just how far we've come in recognizing the value of pets for...

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