• Rodent lover newsflash

    Rodent lover newsflash

    Apr 13, 2004 — A funny guy made a 'ster' for hampsters and gerbils. I present to you HamsterSter.com where every rodentia has its day. Squeak squeak! ...

  • now that's hot

    now that's hot

    Apr 9, 2004 — At this moment, there are 2,929 dogs named Pepper – and only 2 named Salt. How popular is your favorite dog's name? Do a search...

  • TechTV tapes terriers, dogster

    TechTV tapes terriers, dogster

    Apr 5, 2004 — The TechTV show called Unscrewed recorded dogsters before a live audience and now it's on the tevee. Check showtimes for airtimes. Good times! ...

  • ABC News is on our tail

    ABC News is on our tail

    Apr 1, 2004 — Check out ABC News for talk about dogster, love and stuff.