Patti, Rest in Peace

Why won't new pictures upload?

Have tried reducing size (twice), changing format, etc. There are only 2 pics on page & both were accepted. One already uploaded years ago has a…

ASKED BY Patti, Rest in Peace on 9/30/15
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Can't see my answers?

Hey, I've submitted several answers to questions, but they never seem to show up, even when I'm logged out! Is this normal? What could be going on?

ASKED BY Coda on 1/17/14
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xena CGC

Any chow/rottweiler out there if so please post . looking for fellow chow/rottweiler mix ?

my mom is a registered smooth chow my dad is a registered rottweiler . i look like a chow in rottweiler clothing with a black mouth and tongue full…

ASKED BY xena CGC on 8/13/13
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xena CGC

Why do some post only show a cartoon dog?

why do some answers to questions show a cartoon dog instead of a real dog . if you hunt and find an id and go to it you can find a real dog picture.

ASKED BY xena CGC on 7/30/13
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Guest Member Since

I would like you to delete my accounts. I am unable to find out how to do this?

I would like you to delete my accounts. I am unable to find out how to do this and I'm tired of wasting my time trying to figure it out. Shame on…

ASKED BY Member 108418 on 4/28/13
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