6 yr old male pug in pain?

6 yr old male pug experiencing stiffness unwilling to jump up or down, cant pass my hand by his left eye without him flinching, he yips or whimpers…

ASKED BY Jabba on 7/27/13
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Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart

Mouthy Mini-Poodle who pulls is driving his mom crazy, and he embarrasses her in public?

My Mini-Poodle is a puller first and foremost, so I got him a pinch collar so he wouldn't choke himself out during walks. Hes also super wound up…

ASKED BY Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart on 4/18/13
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Elizabeth [Play in Peace]

My dog is contantly yipping, even though nothing is wrong.…

My dog lives outside. She has access to grass, she has access to shade, she has access to warm blankets, she has access to cool concrete, she even has…

ASKED BY Elizabeth [Play in Peace] on 11/17/09
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Toby Wright

My dog yips every time we do some thing he dosent want us to do?

I'll pick him up and he will yip and he makes me think i hurt him. how do i get him to stop yiping every time i pick him up

ASKED BY Toby Wright on 8/23/08
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Guest Member Since

I want a dog.What kind would you reccommend would be good by him/her self,good w/ kids,and quiet?

I don't like yippy dogs.quiet ones are good.

ASKED BY Member 469552 on 1/1/08
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