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New mutt has inconsistent, unknown coat type?

I've had my 10 mo German Shepherd mix for about two months, and this dog's coat among other things, is an enigma to me. Down her back is coarse…

ASKED BY Member 1248681 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED coattype, coat, germanshepherdmix IN Other Grooming


What breed do you think my dog is? How big will he get?

When I adopted him from the humane society, they said he was a terrier and lab mix (no specifics on what kind of terrier).He is a few inches below…

ASKED BY Tex on 1/1/15
TAGGED breed, type, size, weight IN Puppies


Would shaving ruin my Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky's strange coat?

First off, I have no intention of shaving him, this is merely out of curiosity. He is a Siberian Husky/Golden retriever mix with a weird fur…

ASKED BY Duke on 6/3/13
TAGGED goldenretriever, siberianhusky, furtype, strange IN Professional Grooming

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I want a dog very bad. What kind should i get?

I am 16 years old and i am moving soon, to Austin Texas. My mom said that when we get settled in i can finally get a dog. I am ok with exercising…

ASKED BY Member 1167848 on 4/29/13
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Is this dog a German Short Haired Pointer? We adopted him from the pound. What do you think?

We adopted this puppy under the title "Lab mix" from the local Humane Society, but I believe he is actually a black German Short Haired Pointer. He…

ASKED BY Beckett on 11/24/12
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Whats a right dog for me?

I want a dog thats about the size of an american cocker spaniel. Very low maintenace and I don't have enough time to go on long walks with it so…

ASKED BY Member 1140324 on 11/12/12
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Abrams Tank SDiT

Besides Kongs what are some good chew toys for 2 9 1/2 month old lab mixes?

My husband's lab German shepherd mix and his sister who is staying with us while her elderly owner is away both love to chew on things. Bella more…

ASKED BY Abrams Tank SDiT on 11/7/12
TAGGED chewtoys, labmixes, kongtypetoys IN Pet Products

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