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Can I change the name of a year old dog?

We just rescued a l yr. old dog (a Pugel). We don't like the name the previous owners used. Is it too late to change the puppy's name so he will…

ASKED BY Member 1245402 on 4/18/15
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Parvo puppy and older dogs?

Rescued a lab mix puppy on sunday. He's was diagnosed with Parvo on tues. My older dogs are vaccinated. We gave them an booster to be safe. How long…

ASKED BY Member 1242274 on 2/13/15
TAGGED parvo, puppy, lab, vaccination, older, dog, contagious IN Puppies

California's Finest

Cali has what looks like a skin tag, just need some clarification?

Ok so she's had this thing growing on her leg for awhile now. It started out really small and it's been slow growing. It protrudes from her actually…

ASKED BY California's Finest on 1/30/15
TAGGED skintag, malignant, benign, skindisease IN Skin Problems

Journey Rose

Skin tags or some kind of skin disease...or something else?

Hi everyone, I'm asking a question for a friend of mine, who has an 11 year old dachshund, named, Slinky. I saw Slinky about a week ago, right after…

ASKED BY Journey Rose on 9/15/14
TAGGED skintags, bumps, ticks, skindisease IN Health & Wellness

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At what age does a chiwawa have her first cycle?

I was given a Chiwawa puppy, but no idea of her age. She started her first cycle 7 days ago. How old is she?

ASKED BY Member 1184857 on 8/9/13
TAGGED atwhatagedoesthechiwawahaveherfirstcycle IN Health & Safety

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My 6 year old JRT has nystagmus, but that's the only symptoms. Could it be a tumor?

In Oct 2012, my dog was diagnosed with swollen lymph nodes which were treated with anti-biotics. However, part through the treatment, my dog had…

ASKED BY Member 1155240 on 2/14/13
TAGGED jrt, jackrussell, nystagmus, tumor IN Illness & Disease

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Why does my Boxer feel it necessary to get even, when I leave him home alone?? He pulls the left arm cover(dirt guard)?

off the recliner we fight over(he generally wins--I let him). pure Boxer-- 60 + lbs--neutered male has doggie door--15X20"

ASKED BY Member 1146630 on 12/26/12
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I have a 9 mth old female pit bull and I'm scared of having her get her period. I'm a new female pit mommy. What can Ido?

I want to know what can I do in order to help my dog. Also she is always scratching her chest because her nipples are growing and her vagina is also…

ASKED BY Member 1144647 on 12/10/12
TAGGED periodsandfemalepitbullsatwhatagedotheygetit IN Health & Safety

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