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My Pitty/ English BullDog has been having problem with Vomiting ?

Brought to Vet. Tests were done nothing found. No diet change. It always happens in the middle of the night never during the day. It is not every…

ASKED BY Member 1218008 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED sick, medical, vomiting, diet IN Health & Wellness


Our Great Dane has had swelling on one side of his face three times in less than two years? Anyone ever experience this?

Almost two years ago I noticed that our Great Dane had swelling on one half of his head and his eye was swollen shut. The vet said that most likely he…

ASKED BY Tiger on 3/18/14
TAGGED greatdane, dane, sick, lump, swelling, puss IN Health & Wellness


11 Month old Sheltie mix has diarrhea (again, after antibiotic treatment) but isn't showing any other symptoms?

I brought my 11 month old sheltie, Monster to the on March 3rd. The reason for the visit was he had diarrhea all weekend and started vomiting a little…

ASKED BY Monster on 3/15/14
TAGGED diarrhea, vomiting, sick, puppy, health, sheltie, shetland IN Health & Wellness


Corgi Puppy just started breathing oddly, worried owner, Vet didn't know, advice requested?

I have a 11 month old Corgi that just started have breathing issues. I am confused and worried. Local vet does not seem to have an…

ASKED BY Loki on 2/25/14
TAGGED corgi, advice, sickpuppy, doghealth IN Emergencies & First Aid


My 12 year old coon hound has pretty much stopped eating her food. She will eat a bit of human food and some canned dog?

I don't give her human food at all. She still goes to the bathroom like normal it's been over a month since she has had anything normal.

ASKED BY Trinity on 12/2/13
TAGGED food, sick, old IN Food & Nutrition


Sick dog?

My dog has been throwing up and has had runny poop that is bloody for the past 4 days. He has had all of his shots except rabies. He appears to be…

ASKED BY Dexter on 11/23/13
TAGGED theruns, sick, bloodystool, vet, vomiting IN Health & Wellness


My dog is 5 months now. He hasn't been eating well in the past 3 days and hasn't been playing either?

He has also been making crying noises as if in pain. There aren't any vets around. I don't know what to do. What should I look out for? What should…

ASKED BY Jerry on 9/22/13
TAGGED sick, food IN Health & Safety

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