Is it too soon to adopt a new dog after putting my 13 year old dog to sleep?

I had to put my 13 year old fur baby to sleep one month ago. I recently saw on a rescue page a young dog that just touched my heart. I feel she…

ASKED BY Chloe on 12/18/13
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Our six year old lab has been getting mad when we leave for work and then pees in the house. Why is she acting this way?

Our lab just started this recently, we always make sure she goes to the bathroom before we leave. She gets plenty of attention, love and most of all…

ASKED BY Member 738753 on 9/18/08
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New puppy, when we already have a dog?! HELP ME?

We now have two Brittany Spaniels. My mom is afraid they won't Co-exist. PLEASE! help me. how can I get bailey to like Presly?

ASKED BY Presley on 8/29/08
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