I have a 1 year old male Blue Heeler and he is very reactive on just about everything?

His name is Murphy and we've been struggling with his reactivity/on-leash aggression for months now. I initially had a trainer, and we were making…

ASKED BY Murphy on 12/5/13
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How can I stop my dog from being aggressive with other dogs while on walks?

My german shepherd is a little over a year now, and I used to walk her early in the mornings with no problems. Now that I have had a change with my…

ASKED BY Ellie on 7/28/13
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My dog doesn't fit the description of what I've read about aggression. What's going on?

All of the articles I've read describe aggression as being fear-based. My dog's behavior doesn't match. My German Shepherd was adopted from the…

ASKED BY Gypsy on 6/27/13
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