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Parvo puppy and older dogs?

Rescued a lab mix puppy on sunday. He's was diagnosed with Parvo on tues. My older dogs are vaccinated. We gave them an booster to be safe. How long…

ASKED BY Member 1242274 on 2/13/15
TAGGED parvo, puppy, lab, vaccination, older, dog, contagious IN Puppies

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Older dog peeing inside and a vision question?

My 9 year old mini poodle has been hiding and peeing in the kitchen when I turn my back. I take him outside quite often, but, he still goes in the…

ASKED BY Member 1242228 on 2/10/15
TAGGED peeing, visiontrouble, olderdog IN Behavior & Training

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My older dog only wants to eat, take occasional walks, and lay around. Should I worry?

18 months ago I adopted two old dogs, 10 and 12 years old at the time. They were never interested in any activity except walks but their physical…

ASKED BY Member 1239800 on 12/29/14
TAGGED old, older, senior, doesntplay, laysaround IN Other Health & Wellness

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My older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in dribble..we are not close to a vet...thanks?

my older jack russell is urinating slowly, as in a dribble....I am not close to a vet.....any suggestions, thanks

ASKED BY Member 1216588 on 3/18/14
TAGGED olderdogsveryslowurinating IN Health & Wellness

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3 Older Dogs peeing in the house?

I have 3 dogs just recently added a bull dog 3 years old about 9 months ago. Had 2 Cocker Spaniels 6 years old brothers, lately they are peeing in the…

ASKED BY Member 1208230 on 1/7/14
TAGGED olderdogspeeinginthehouse IN House Soiling


Normal for older dog to put younger in place?

I'm just making sure that this isn't an aggression issue. Long story short I'm going away overseas for six months and my parents are watching my four…

ASKED BY Moose on 8/24/13
TAGGED teeth, possibleagression, olderdog, newpuppy IN Behavior & Training


Your Open QuestionShow me another » Need tips on introducing a 10 yr old dog to our hyper 2yr old dog and lazy cats?

The 10 yr old is a miniature schnauzer who has lived with my sick and elderly in laws as an only pet. She is very sweet but likes to chase the cats…

ASKED BY Josie on 7/16/13
TAGGED behavior, olderdogs, cats, highenergy IN Behavior & Training

Sheba Loo(Gertie)

I see the standard answer for seperation anxiety seems to be THE CRATE. What about for an older dog?

My baby is 10 today, I've had her since she was 5 wks old. She's chewed through a crate like nothing, losing a K-9 in the process. Last July her…

ASKED BY Sheba Loo(Gertie) on 2/10/13
TAGGED seperationanxietyinolderdogs, behavior IN Behavior & Training

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