Lily Anne Grace

I don't have a yard and am wondering if I could use a long line leash to let my dogs play outside?

I live an apartment with 3 small dogs and have access to a courtyard but it's not completely fenced and is next to a busy road. My dogs love to play…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 10/24/13
TAGGED longline, offleash, play, outside, dogs IN Exercise

Zackintosh CJ

Long line? Training lead/leash? HELP?

Where can I get a long line (aka training lead/leash, tracking lead/leash, check cord) for not a lot of money? The cheapest I found was on JB…

ASKED BY Zackintosh CJ on 1/28/09
TAGGED leash, lead, traininglead, trackinglead, longline, ft IN Collars & Leashes