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5 month puppy, timid in public and when visiting, refuses treats, startles easily in these situations?

My 5 1/2 month old puppy is smart, playful and happy at home, but when I take him visiting or to the pet store he freezes up, gets VERY timid and…

ASKED BY Member 1158108 on 3/5/13
TAGGED timid, shy, scared, fearful, jumpy, afraid IN Socialization

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Hi, I need help training my dog?

she is a knee height bichon cockapoo. she is sooooooooooooo jumpy, when I try and do 'bow' or 'roll over' she will resist my efforts, and I can…

ASKED BY Member 923632 on 11/28/09
TAGGED help, training, jumpy, shortattentionspan, crawl, rollover IN Behavior & Training