Can dogs learn bad manners from EACHOTHER?

Mama has a good friend with a miniature border collie. He is well, not the best trained to say the least and he has lots of bad habits. Never the…

ASKED BY Faith on 8/26/13
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How long is too long to ignore your puppy?

We have a toy poodle, Dexter, who is 7 months old. He is as cute as a button & as sweet as a toothache :) However, he whines soooo much for attention…

ASKED BY Member 1031251 on 4/20/11
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Our Portie and his folks (us) need help. She circles and barks when excited, barks at anything & everyone who walks on o?

our street. Also, she is uncontrolable when one of us enters the house. (circling, barking, and jumping up). How can we correct these problems…

ASKED BY Member 828510 on 4/20/09
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Leo Quinn

How do I get my 1 yr. old little guy to stay down,as he jumps up in such excitement that he puts holes in my pants?

My small Cockapoo doesn't jump up on other people,just me and and my spouse.I use commands like,"stay down,"and"down," to no avail.My cloths have…

ASKED BY Leo Quinn on 10/21/08
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How do I stop my dogs from trampling over my 10 month old?

I just adopted 2 german shepherd/sheltie puppies. One of them is really energetic and just doesn't care if stomps on my 10 month old son or jumps on…

ASKED BY Member 557422 on 1/12/08
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