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How do I get my schnauzer to stop biting her tail?

I have an 8 month old schnauzer and recently she's been biting her tail and scratching. I haven't been able to find any Fleas nor ticks on her and…

ASKED BY Member 1241860 on 2/2/15
TAGGED itches, bitingtail IN Flea & Tick Prevention


My belly is red and itchy?

Mom thought it was a good allergy so she changed my food. My belly is only itchy and red on the right side of my belly. I have been taking Benadryl…

ASKED BY Sammy on 11/6/13
TAGGED food, redrash, itches IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Is it ok for my puppy to still have bumps on either side of her spay incision?

My puppy got spayed last Monday and has had some swelling on either side of the incision. She is fine, still eating, and playing. There is no…

ASKED BY Member 1184331 on 8/6/13
TAGGED spay, bumps, stitches IN Health & Wellness


Stitches that did not dissolve?

My 7 month old dog/puppy was spayed in early September and on the inside they were supposed to dissolve after a week or so. When petting her belly…

ASKED BY Jasmine on 10/23/12
TAGGED dogs, spaying, stitches, sutures IN Spaying & Neutering

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My swiss shepherd bitch of 8mnth has NOT been spayed. she urinates while sleeping. can this be Urinary incontinence?

i did research on Urinary incontinence & understood that this only happens with spayed bitches. she is only 8months old and NOT spayed. she's had this…

ASKED BY Member 1107725 on 4/26/12
TAGGED urinaryincontinence, spayed, youngbitches, sphincter IN Other Health & Wellness

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Bonding two female dogs?

Ok...well I adopted Honey, 3yr old female staffy about 9 months ago. She was a perfectly happy, excitable dog, loves my kids, etc. Recently we moved…

ASKED BY Member 985803 on 5/7/10
TAGGED fight, fighting, females, staffy, enligshbullterrier, help, aggression, bonding, scared, bitches IN Socialization

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My dog has the biggest cone available, but can still reach his back leg where he is cut. The vet says I cant cover it?

My dog ran through a glass door and had a few cuts, the biggest on his back leg. He got stitches but the big wound is still partially open. We…

ASKED BY Member 968215 on 2/25/10
TAGGED cone, cut, stitches, wound, licking IN Emergencies & First Aid

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