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I have a 5 yr old Heeler that fixates/chases/herds dogs at the dog park?

She normally rolls over and lets other dogs sniff her when we first arrive to the dog park, so I don't believe her behavior to be an issue of…

ASKED BY Member 1187136 on 8/25/13
TAGGED fixation, herding, dogpark IN Socialization

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Are white German Shepherds a good idea?

I hear that white German Shepherds tend to be more mellow than just Germans? I also hear that because it's a genetic mutation, that they have poorer…

ASKED BY Member 1149850 on 1/16/13
TAGGED whitegermanshepherd, germanshepherd, sheepherding, traning, mellowdog IN German Shepherd


My 2yr. old Sheltie is a barker like I've never heard before. She barks if a car turns on my street. (see below)?

When a car passes on my street Ginger will continue to bark running from the front door to the side continously. When friends are in my inground…

ASKED BY Ginger on 8/31/09
TAGGED herdinginstinct, barking IN Barking

Ralf von WowWow

I need help curbing my urge to panic and yodel whem my pack splits on walks, or get yodel bark excited at other dogs?

This happens when Mommy, Daddy, and Kyle (my brother) walking or I'm out on my runner. Mommy tries to get me to stop by distracting me with treats (I…

ASKED BY Ralf von WowWow on 6/29/09
TAGGED anxiety, herding, barking, shepherd, barking, yodeling, otherdogs IN Barking

Sunny *adopted finally!!!!*

Is it true.…

I've heard that if a dog has four white feet and a white tip on the tail than it's got some kind of herding dog in it. I'm just wondering because a…

ASKED BY Sunny *adopted finally!!!!* on 5/11/09
TAGGED herdingdog, white, mutt, mixedbreed IN Breeds


How do I get my 4 month sheltie 2 stop nipping?

My dog likes to nip at my heels and herd the family. I know its sheltie instinct, but is there any way to stop it?? Hes really hurting me and the…

ASKED BY Huntington on 5/4/09
TAGGED shelties, herding, nipping, squirtbottle IN Behavior & Training

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Thanks everyone, but I have another question. How can I teach my dog herding?

Hey! I thought about herding with Rosie before because I noticed when I was babysitting my aunt's dog, she would herd her away from me whenever I…

ASKED BY Member 762235 on 5/1/09
TAGGED herding, dog IN Exercise

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