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I think my 1 year old Jack wheaten starting to have food allergies?

I would like to know what brand food and flavor I should switch my wheaten . He just turned a year and is scratching like crazy please help!!!

ASKED BY Member 1148274 on 1/5/13
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My 7 month old miniature schnauzer has food allergies though we don't know exactly what it is?

We cannot pinpoint his allergies bc we have not brought him in for allergy testing since it is expensive. When he was about 3 month old, he was on…

ASKED BY Member 1036971 on 6/11/11
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My Mini Black and Tan Dachshund is losing hair on his belly and I'm not sure what is causing this or what to do?? help?

I have a black and tan short hair dachshund who is a little over 1 years old. About 4 months ago I noticed the fur on his belly begning to thin, and…

ASKED BY Indie on 11/22/09
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