Teach an older (4 y.o.) tricks HELP PLEASE?

My bichon frise isn't the most smart or obedient dog. We didn't take too much notice in teaching her basic commands when she was smaller. She is not…

ASKED BY Holly on 4/14/12
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What kind of dog do you think this is?

This is my neighbor's dog. He's pretty much the prettiest thing ever and I'd love to have a similar looking dog, but I have no idea what he is…

ASKED BY Member 1105690 on 4/13/12
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My purebred pomeranian has flat fur whats wrong?

i baught a pomeranian a few months ago that i was told was a purebred i have seen both of his parents and they looked like pomeranians but my pom…

ASKED BY Member 1033424 on 5/11/11
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My 1 year old pomeranian is not as fluffy as I expected. Are there any type of nutrients or vitamins I can give her?

I have a 1 year old pomeranian, and she already went through her puppy uglies and everything, but her coat is still not that full poof ball that I was…

ASKED BY **Mika** on 8/16/09
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Cosmosmario Bear

I'm dying to know what breed Cosmos is!!!! Do you have any ideas?

He's tan with a black face and nose, has brindle markings on his back, long pink tounge (no black spots) big floppy ears, piercing blue eyes, long…

ASKED BY Cosmosmario Bear on 1/18/08
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