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Separation anxiety in a new environment?

My dog has been experiencing severe separation anxiety when we leave our Beachhouse. At our normal home he has no problem being in his crate for…

ASKED BY Member 1249086 on 7/8/15
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My girlfreind has two beagle mixes 1 male 1 female and my female pitt and i recently moved in. theyre not getting along?

mainly its the boy beagle mix, dash, and my female pitt bull, lea. although there has been a couple incidents involving my dog lea and her female…

ASKED BY Member 1120022 on 7/10/12
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My 6 adored dogs lead a wonderful life. Got to move. Best to put them to sleep OR send them, separated, to uncertainty?

Have never harmed anything in my life. Always worshipped dogs (and have 3 great kids, so you don't take me for an axe murderer). Just went through…

ASKED BY Member 1023120 on 2/13/11
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