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Teach an old dog to come when called?

I adopted an 11 year old schipperke who has a lot of energy and is VERY responsive to treats. She's so responsive that if I have any in my pocket or…

ASKED BY Member 1233560 on 9/7/14
TAGGED train, come, olddog IN Methods of Training


My stray rescue is afraid of being cornered?

I rescued my dog from the streets about 6 months ago. He is a good dog except for when I need to put him somewhere (the kitchen or outside). I know he…

ASKED BY Jasper on 2/15/13
TAGGED come, stray, skitish IN Behavior & Training

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Occasionally on walks our our dog suddenly refuses to come and runs away from everybody?

We have a 1.5 year old lab who we have taken to obedience school and is fairly well trained. However every so often she goes into a mood and becomes…

ASKED BY Member 1141060 on 11/17/12
TAGGED walks, come, scared IN Behavior & Training

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How can I work with my rescue dog so that she can play off leash?

We have had her for about 6 months, she is about a year. she is a medium size VERY FAST mix -breed, she has learned many new tricks and has improved…

ASKED BY Member 1124955 on 9/17/12
TAGGED runawaydog, teachingrecall, callingdogtocome IN Methods of Training

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Hi I have a Shar Pei, she's been having itch problems, and her tail is pointed down, its always up, she's very important?

She's been itching a lot, and does anybody recomment any recpie or shampoo to use? She gets to the point she breaks skin! thanks

ASKED BY Member 1126890 on 8/21/12
TAGGED reccomendations IN Grooming

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My dog almost attacked my sister?

My one year-old Great Pyrenees X tried to attack my sister today. She lunged at her, growling and hackles up. My sister is not hurt, but very…

ASKED BY Member 1123167 on 7/29/12
TAGGED attack, dogattack, bite, bit, biting, greatpyrenees, pyrenees, disobidience, shockcollar, comecommand, puppyaggression, aggression, peopleaggression IN Behavior & Training

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