Is this dog a German Short Haired Pointer? We adopted him from the pound. What do you think?

We adopted this puppy under the title "Lab mix" from the local Humane Society, but I believe he is actually a black German Short Haired Pointer. He…

ASKED BY Beckett on 11/24/12
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Poodle with pink paw pads. Also a lighter colored nose. What breed would she be crossed with?

Minature Poodle has all pink paw pads, and a dark pink nose. I'am wondering what breed has the pink paws pads? She is white with light tan ears, and…

ASKED BY Member 934857 on 1/2/10
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I rescued my dog as a Blue Merle Aussie but think she may be a Catahoula! Anybody wanna take a look who is familiar?

My puppy Bindi is 7 months. I adopted her 1 month ago as a Blue Merle Aussie. However, she has a short coat and completely webbed feet. However, she…

ASKED BY Bindi on 3/18/09
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Any clue what I am?

Ruby is about 7 months old and about 55 lbs. I have no idea what type she is. all brown/red with thin white stripe down chest and little white on…

ASKED BY Ruby on 8/29/08
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