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What is this huge red hard bump on my dogs leg?

This morning I noticed my 8 month old Aussie puppy licking just above his foot so about his ankle, I didnt see anything when I looked at it. But when…

ASKED BY Member 1200709 on 11/21/13
TAGGED boil, pimple, red, hard, swollen, licking, foot, leg, irritated IN Skin Problems

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My 5 month old Bull Mastiff has had diarrhea for the last several days?

The first knowledge we had of this was him having an accident in his kennel, which he's never done. Over the past 3 days he's had the same…

ASKED BY Member 982391 on 4/19/10
TAGGED diarrhea, bullmastiffs, rice, boiledchicken IN Health & Safety

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Is plain white rice good for a dogs diet?

ive been mixing white rice with wellness puppy mix dry food for my pit is that good? He eats it right up with no problem and he has solid stools…

ASKED BY Member 892421 on 10/15/09
TAGGED plainboiledwhitericewwellnesspuppymixdryfood IN Homemade Food