Pug had trouble with her Poop Habits in Crate?

I have a 3 year old Pug. I noticed few problem with my Pug. When my husband and I left our dogs alone at home in their crate while we are going to…

ASKED BY Akasha on 6/19/14
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I have a 9 yr old mini schnauzer and he is urinating all over my house?

I have used the "Woodhouse way" with my past 4 dogs and never had a problem like this before, but with this dog I have had limited success for…

ASKED BY Member 993391 on 6/20/10
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I asked a question yesterday, and recieved an appropriate answer, so I would like to ask another one today. My question?

The puppy we are getting is a 6 mo. old Lab/ Kelpie cross, he has been kept outside, and is almost completely unsocialized. How can I help him with…

ASKED BY Member 784143 on 12/30/08
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How do you break bad habits at home and on walks?

My dog Pippin walks fine with his soft touch harness but his bad habit on walks is he barks and trys to pull when he see's a cat and I can't get him…

ASKED BY Pippin on 9/5/08
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