American Bulldog Shedding Horribly?

I have a 2yr old American Bulldog, I rescued him from a shelter 3 months ago. He didn't shed that bad after I got him but now he is shedding horribly…

ASKED BY Kojak 1 week, 3 days ago
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HELP! Is there a sanctuary for American Bull dogs with issues?

My grand daughter needs to find a home for Brew. He loves to play but does not know how to get along with other dogs. When he was a pup her mother…

ASKED BY Member 1115547 on 6/13/12
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Is anyone in georgia interested in an American Bulldog Mix?

Male, puppy. Very adorable, special needs. Good withkids, dogs, and cats. If anyone wants more information i can get it for you or put you in…

ASKED BY Member 1106180 on 4/16/12
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How to stop American Bulldog chewing furniture when we are not home?

My 1 year old American Bulldog/Presa Canario cross hadn't chewed on any furniture or walls in months. We had slowly started leaving him on the main…

ASKED BY Member 1105308 on 4/11/12
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My friend is looking to find a home for his A. Bulldog due to a loss of job. Does anyone know of great AB rescue in MA?

He's an 8 month old puppy that was bought from a breeder, but he can only afford to keep his female. I work in a kennel and am doing my best to look…

ASKED BY Member 1005165 on 9/22/10
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I have a male American Bulldog he don't want to eat and its not parvo but he is very skinny what can it be ?

I have an American Bulldog he is just over a year old and usually he is very healthy and he eats all his food but for almost 2 weeks now he hasn't…

ASKED BY Member 994088 on 6/25/10
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Is it normal for an American Bulldog to drool?

My American Bulldog has recently been starting to drool. When he drools it just hangs and continues to grow until he notices it. For example if he…

ASKED BY Diesel on 1/8/10
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