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Why does my pug keep pooping?

My dog keeps pooping in her cage every night. She's 5 and this only started about 8 weeks ago. She isn't sick that we know of. It smells like bleach…

ASKED BY Member 1249223 on 7/12/15
TAGGED pug, pooping, cage IN Other Health & Wellness


Help! I can't add photos or pets pages?

I was having trouble adding/managing photos on my dog's page. So I gave up and deleted the page. Now I can't add a new dog! Ughhhhh please help me!

ASKED BY Kitty on 6/6/15
TAGGED dogpage, troubleshooting, addphotos IN Pet Page

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The long term effects of keeping a dog in a cage all day?

My boyfriend's parents (they live in Japan) have two dogs and six cats. One of the dogs is a toy poodle with free range of the house. The other is a…

ASKED BY Member 1246107 on 5/3/15
TAGGED cage, mentalhealth, bigdog, abuse, help IN Socialization

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My poor angel has broken his dew claw, it's bent at a right angle?

My 7yr chihuahua has broken his dew claw on his front paw. He has done this once before and I immediately rushed him to the vet. They sedated him…

ASKED BY Member 1245937 on 4/28/15
TAGGED brokennail, damageddewclaw IN Health & Wellness

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Is my Kelpie/Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) puppy small for his age? 6.4Lbs (2.9kg) - 11 weeks old?

The vet says he's healthy, but I'm still wondering if he's small for his age. I've seen the growth charts, and I know every puppy is different, but…

ASKED BY Member 1244516 on 3/31/15
TAGGED kelpieheeleraustralianshepherdpuppyweightgrowthrateage IN Health & Safety

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What can I do to discourage my puppy from being so active in the house while he is recovering from leg injury?

My puppy, of almost a year old, hurt his hind leg, playing fetch and slipping. The vet prescribed him NSAID and rest - No jumping around or walking…

ASKED BY Member 1230938 on 3/30/15
TAGGED injury, hyper, discourage, movement, acl, excercise, rest IN Emergencies & First Aid

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What type of breed does this dog resemble?

He has a lot of characteristics of a whippet but hes smaller and his ears are erect not rose ears. If you can also try to see how old he is. He has…

ASKED BY Member 1239302 on 12/19/14
TAGGED breed, whippet, chihuahua, puppy, white, stray, unknownage, unknownbreed, nameidead IN Breeds

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