Would you say that a larger, more protective dog is for me?

I am a a long time dog owner, 15 years. My last, and only, was a miniature schnauzer. While I loved my dog I want to have a bigger dog, more like a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler. Now, I understand that owning a smaller dog is different from owning a large dog. To own a large dog it's really important to establish yourself as the pack leader and train them well. I also know how important it is to socialize the dogs, so they don't attack other people. My real question is; is a dog like the rottweiler a good idea after my experience?

Asked by Member 1115319 on Jun 12th 2012 in Choosing the Right Pet
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Max- In loving Memory

Honestly, it really depends on your experience with ALL dogs, and how many hours a day you can dedicate to training.

Training is NOT optional with a power-breed. (And NOT just a "Pet Store" once a week class) Working breeds like Rotts and GSD's need intense training and starting from 8 weeks until 1 yr plus along with practicing every day.

Being pack leader again is NOT an option. I'm not trying to dissuade you, but owning a power breed comes with a HUGE responsibility to your neighbors and communities. I've worked with Rotties since 1977 and they are not a dog for just anyone. Do your homework on training and ethical breeders and the breed standard.

Max- In loving Memory answered on 6/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


Short answer..No. I have had gsds for over 30 years. I never recommend them to novice owners. They take up to 3 years+ to fully mature, & can be a real handful until they do.Shelters are teeming with "aggressive" teen gsds.
PP discussed the fallacy of pack leader garbage, but you do need to be a firm, consistent, positive owner. They do not respond well to yelling or corporal punishment. They will test you to make sure the rules are still in place.
There is a responsibility that goes with owning LBDs. GSDs are my heart breed, but I also know that even with them being totally under control, some folks will make comments as we pass, or clutch their kids, or cross the street. My response is to ensure they are excellent ambassadors of their breed, & wait for the one person to say "awesome dogs."
Do lots of research on the breed & ask what you can give the dog, & what you want the dog to give you.

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Speaking for myself, I started off just owning a couple small dogs but have always loved Rotties. They are absolutely one of the best dogs I've ever owned. I loved each of the ones I had and found they were the easiest dogs to train. I never had a problem with them. Saying that I also don't recommend them to everybody. If you don't exercise them and stimulate them they can be destructive when they are bored. I can't tell you if you would be a right fit for one and no one on here will be able to either. Only you can decide that. Just be aware that it's up to you to train and exercise them. I just don't want people to get one who cant commit to them and then have the dog hurt someone because it wasn't properly trained and ruin the rotties reputation even more. I wanted my Rotties to be an ambassador for the breed. If you get one I would hope thats what you would strive for too.

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I recommend you to read a lot about the Rottweiler if that's the breed you're seriously interested in. There's many great books on the Rottweiler out there that are definitely worth the read if you're interested in getting a Rottweiler - they are a must read for any Rottweiler enthusiast or owner of the breed. I'll list some must read books on the Rottweiler below.

The Rottweiler - Richard F. Stratton
Rottweilers - Kerry Kern
The Rottweiler - Tracy Libby
The Essential Rottweiler - Ian Dunbar
Rottweiler - Torsten Winter
The Complete Rottweiler - Muriel Freeman
Training Your Rottweiler - B. McNinch

Here's a great online forum for Rottweiler lovers/enthusiasts and owners that I recommend joining as there's a lot of good information on that website -

Talk with different Rottweiler owners, go to shows where you can find and see Rottweilers and speak with their owners, read and research the breed and see if the Rottie is right for you.

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