Would an untrained dog guard against home invasion if I was there?

If a stranger was to come into my home and I was frightend and wanted my dogs to attack the intruder would they know that is what I wanted? They've never been trained to guard. I think one of my dogs I could tell him "get it" and he might attack the person. The other dogs I haven't taught get it for toys or anything. Any ideas on what would happen?

Asked by Kratos on Jan 31st 2008 Tagged guarddog, attack in Behavior & Training
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My Tiffy has never been trained as a guard dog, but she immediatley goes into attck mode when she sees someone she doesn't know at our house. She also barks at every little noise like our neighbors closing their door (we live in a mobile home park). She even barked at me in attack mode once when I had a hood on my head and snuck up on her. I did this to see her reaction. So I believe that all dogs have it in their mind to attack in defense. Just train her to know who to attack and not to attack.

♥Tiffy♥ answered on 1/31/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

Dogs have a natural instinct to guard their home and people. No, you do not need a trained dog to guard your home. But, if you told them "get it" they would probably not know what you mean because you didn't teach them.
However, remember that not all breeds are good guard dogs. A Cocker Spaniel or Golden Retriever are so friendly that they would be more likely to lick a robber than bite him. Some good guard dog breeds that I know of are:
German Shepherd

But those are not all of them. To find more, go to breed info and do the breed quiz, and check in "guard dog".

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Marlowe, CGC

It really depends on the temperament of the dog. One of my dogs I know would guard and probably cause some damage if provoked by the invader. The other? Not so much. Frankly, my guardy one I really wish was not like that, it makes him a liability. I'd just go with an alarm system than actively encourage that kind of behavior.

Marlowe, CGC answered on 1/31/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

Are you speaking of your Pit mix?
Let me just say a few things about encouraging your dog to do this behavior with out proper guidance.You should not encourage this behavior AT ALL! You have a breed that has a very strong instict to bond with their humans and that normally means they will protect you in a bad situation.You are more likely to get this behavior when you have a dog that loves his owner and has never taught them to "attack" We have enough problems with our breed and don't need things like this encouraged.If you want to teach your dog something teach obedience,that is more inpressive walking down the road with a dog right next to you because he has been taught well Not a dog that wants to ripe everyones head off that they see.That is a good way to get your dog taken away from you!So trust me as a Professional dog trainer(training police dogs for the state police)this is not something you want to encourage it will come natural if needed!

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It's likely your dog would not "attack" an intruder. Dogs bark, & put on good shows, that's all they have to do usually in order to deter strangers. If an intruder was to call your dog's bluff & yell or stomp at the dog, your dog would more than likely back up, bark again, & avoid physical confrontation. When they bark, it's because they are unsure, & a response to potential threat out of fear in hopes it will go away. True protection dogs don't bark unless told & have confidence & biting's a command, not from fear/aggression. The common misconception is that bite-dogs are mean. It's actually a game to them, and does not in any way involve fear/aggression. If your dog was to bite, it would probably be from fear & when the person turns around. It's much less risky to attack a bad buy when they aren't looking. If someone was to physically harm you then your dog may attack from instinct the same way they would in a dog fight. Intruders don't usually target homes with large dogs anyway

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