Would a Corgi get along with my Siberian Husky?

I own a 2 year old Female Husky. She is very mild tempered, she gets along very well with children and adults. She is a large dog, she also has had issues with attacking stray cats, she killed about 5 of them. She also currently lives with a small unknown breed it's a male dog, and they get along well for the most part, if they ever have any issues it is usually because the smaller dog usually initiates the trouble. My Husky will ignore him until she gets fed up then they usually snap at eachother without any bigger problems. My husband and I will be moving to Spainwith our Husky (the mutt will be staying in the states) I want to get a Corgi puppy before moving. I was wondering if anyone has had any any experience with bringing these two breeds together? Any input is appreciated!

Asked by Member 1183559 on Aug 1st 2013 Tagged corgi, misty, siberianhusky, husky, puppy, breeds in Breeds
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If she isn't good with small dogs, don't get a small dog. If you plan on getting a small dog and she's not good with the dog, crate and rotate. Don't get a "playmate" for your dog. Why are you wanting a Corgi?

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